Agile development for best-in-class products

One of the benefits of being a boutique unified communications provider is that we can be incredibly responsive and agile with product development - creating, testing and releasing features, applications, and systems in a short time frame that would take a larger telco several years. This year is a big year for development with many upgrades and product releases that will have a material impact on our customers.

  • We will be providing you with more control over your service via a best-in-class, intuitive user interface
  • We will be delivering new integrations with your preferred CRM's, including MS Teams 
  • We will be launching an all-new softphone that incorporates lots of input/requests from customers
  • We will be launching a innovative network management app that is unique within the industry

There will be further upgrades to our core call recording platform to allow improved user control and to provide additional integration to 3rd party applications. Ultimately, we will be enhancing the customer experience and usability while also increasing the system's capabilities and allowing for more user autonomy.