THE VTSL ROADMAP - 2021-2022

We are committed to future-proofing our product for our customers.

Cloud communications is known to be an innovative and ever-changing industry, which is why over the next 12 months, we're investing £500,000 in product development.

We will be focusing on five fundamental business areas; providing you with more control over your service with an improved single user interface, delivering new integrations with your preferred CRM's, including MS Teams integration, streamlining our user experience, an all-new softphone, and a network management app. There will be further upgrades to our core call recording platform to allow user control and also provide integration to 3rd party applications. We intend to enhance customer experience and usability while also increasing the system's capabilities and allowing for more user autonomy.

Some changes will be easy to spot; further upgrades to our online user interface such as integrating our new call recording service and developing a new and improved suite of apps - one for desktop and one for mobile, which includes integrated voice, video, and chat. Other improvements, such as increasing the breadth of CRMs our service can integrate with, will be going on behind the scenes and offer more flexibility.

We've developed this roadmap to give a transparent overview of where we're developing. We're grateful to you, our customers, for your continued custom and look forward to growing our business alongside yours!

THE VTSL ROADMAP 2021-2022 (2)-1