VTSL's multi-level auto attendant allows you to make another auto attendant one of the selections on the main auto attendant menu.  This helps businesses route callers more effectively, particularly within larger organisations and departments.


The calls staff receive are relevant to them, meaning they don't need to filter calls themselves. This saves them time, increases their productivity and saves the customer from having to explain their issue twice. 


Technology needs to be easy to use to be truly helpful.  VTSL's Auto Attendant can be easily set up, or changed in the VTSL Portal.  Use our Quick Reference guide and / instructions in the portal if you are unsure. Or you can always have our support team help for free. 


You are not limited to extensions only for auto attendant menu selections.  You could for example, set up your auto attendant so that option 1 goes to a call group (department), option 2 goes directly to an extension, option 3 goes to someone's mobile, and option 4 goes to voicemail.

Time-of-day intro messages 

Up to 12 different menu options

Customers & staff save time

Create unique menu choices

No need to transfer customers


Being transferred multiple times, or waiting while one agent recites our story to another agent is frustrating, time consuming and results in a negative customer experience. 

This needn't happen with the VTSL Auto Attendant.  You can create the perfect menu for callers. They can select where they would like to be transferred to based on their query simply by pressing a button.  Moreover, you can easily change your menu options online in the VTSL Portal, as well as settings including how many times they should hear the auto attendant. 

How does it work?

Auto attendant is a cloud-based application that can be updated in real time in the VTSL Portal. With VTSL's auto attendant you can create a unique Initial Greeting (e.g. Thank you for calling Company ABC) based on the time of day, as well as create your menu options just the way you need them. 

How do I record my menu options?

When you log into the VTSL Portal, you will be guided through the set-up of your menu and given instructions on how to record your menu options.  It is very simple: you enter your extension in the Portal, your phone will ring, and then you will be guided through recording your menu options. 

What if I need more than one auto attendant?

You can have many auto attendants if you wish, and you can have a menu option on one attendant lead to another auto attendant.  You can search for auto attendants by name or extension in the VTSL Portal to manage their settings. 

How do the time-of-day initial greetings work?

You can record different initial greetings based on the time of day: morning, afternoon or evening.  So if you would like to say, 'Good morning, thank you for calling Company ABC', you could set it up that way.

How many times will the auto attendant play?  

The number of times your auto attendant plays can be specified in the VTSL Portal, as well as what happens to the call after the caller has heard it, e.g. go to voicemail, end call, etc. 


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