Sustainability at VTSL

At VTSL, we care deeply about the impact our business has on the environment, community and stakeholders. 

The world is now facing a ‘code red for humanity’ as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change wrote in its revelatory 2021 special report. VTSL is committed to playing our part in reducing GHG emissions, and on track to be completely carbon neutral by 2023. Currently we have a very low carbon footprint with offices that use no gas, and green electricity from Octopus Energy.  We are replacing all of our vehicles with electric versions by 2023, and use data centres that are either completely powered by renewable sources, or partially, with net zero commitments by 2030. 

We are also committed to supporting a diverse work force, a circular economy and the next generation of leaders though our apprentice programme. 

Below you can learn more about how VTSL is making a difference.

Carbon Emissions

  • As a technology company relying on electronic systems and processes, we have negligible Scope 1 emissions. 
  • The vehicles used to visit customer sites will all be electric by 2023.
  • Green electricity supplied by Octopus Energy to VTSL’s offices. We do not use any gas.
  • Our largest source of Scope 2 and 3 emissions is our data centres, one of which is powered completely by green energy, the others of which are powered partially by green energy with a commitment to be net zero by 2030.

Net Zero Commitment

VTSL is committed to net zero emissions by 2023.

Gender and Ethnic Diversity

VTSL is a strong believer in equal opportunity and the benefits of having a highly diverse team. We are proud of our incredibly diverse workforce, comprised of many nationalities and ethnicities, and 45% women. 

Circular Economy

VTSL has a policy of refurbishing and recycling equipment and hardware (including handsets, routers, switches).

We recycle all waste using Paper Round.

We use cardboard boxes for shipping goods. 

We are paperless in our interactions with customers, using electronic agreements and invoices.  


We are a family owned and run business, and community is at the core of our ethos.  We donate to multiple charities annually, including smaller charities that receive less attention such as Scoliosis Foundation, Wildlife Aid Foundation and the H-ABC Foundation