VTSL is a niche telecoms service provider, specialising in premium IP telephony, fibre connectivity, network management, telephony-CRM integration and applications you need to be compliant, work more efficiently and ensure your data and conversations are secure.  We directly address the unique needs of the financial services sector through our unparalleled ability to deliver a reliable, secure service with in-built business continuity & smarter working applications.


Ensure complete MiFID II & PCI compliance for call recordings & credit cards

With the GDPR & MiFID II requiring customer calls to be recorded and stored, and the PCI Data Security Standard requiring credit card details to be handled and stored through a secure IVR), you need to ensure you are 100% complaint. With VTSL, you have 100% compliance and easy access to call recordings.


Work from home, on the road or anywhere as if you were in the office

Make and receive calls on your personal mobile, as if it is  your office phone, without using minutes.  You can also 'twin' your mobile so that it rings simultaneously to your office phone.  If call recording is activated, these calls will be recorded, ensuring compliance even on mobile phones. 


CRM intgration & intuitive phones = easy & efficient working

VTSL's intuitive telephony system integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems. Watch your team benefit from automatic logging of calls, record screen-pop for in bound calls, click-to-dial and more. This is smarter working at its best - better record keeping with less hassle.


Built-in disaster recovery solution ensures you are never offline

With the VTSL Portal, diverts can be set up in seconds from anywhere in case of emergency. And with multiple T1 carriers for voice calls and our ability to switch carriers, you stay online even if one carrier goes down. VTSL also can provide L2 redundant connectivity through the VTSL cloud should you require it.


Superfast & secure fibre connectivity from a boutique ISP 

Everything depends on a superfast, secure internet connection. VTSL is an ISP (internet services provider) that will provide you with an on-site engineer to set everything up and 24/7 engineering support. We offer the full-range of internet connectivity options & pricing as well as back-up lines. 


Provide continuous 1st class service using a superior network

We understand the level of service that your clients require. You  need to have systems in place that can be trusted to help provide continuously first class service.  VTSL has built a private network engineered across three data centres with no single points of failure.  As such, we are able to offer superior reliability and security.

Disaster recovery & business continuity Included for free

Effortless record-keeping with CRM-phone integration

Monitor calls, or allow new staff to listen in for training

Work anywhere with true flexible working abilities

Ensure compliance with MIFID II, GDPR and PCI DSS

VTSL Financial Services Clients           


VTSL is an award-winning cloud communications company offering unmatched flexibility, reliability and security to the financial sector

VTSL was created to provide the market with a better telecommunications option than large telcos with poor service and resellers with no real support.  From the outset, everything at VTSL was done with first-rate service in mind, from developing the cutting edge applications in-house, to engineering a fully-redundant private network.  Moreover, VTSL treats each and every customer the way we want to be treated.  You get the respect and quick responses you deserve, all while enjoying an advanced telecoms solution provided to you as-a-service.

  • VTSL's solution includes: Fibre internet connectivity, cloud IP telephony, phone applications for faster-working and compliance, LAN & WAN set-up and flexible working features that allow staff to work from anywhere - all designed with the financial services industry in mind
  • Our  unique cloud Call Recording service is unparalleled: Unlike other providers, you can access call recordings instantaneously in the VTSL Portal. Search by user, date, time or number. Recordings can be listened to, downloaded or emailed and VTSL offers unlimited cloud storage. And with VTSL, you are fully compliant with MiFID II
  • Every element of our service is highly secure: Your privacy is paramount to us.  We have a wide range of security measures in place including firewalls, pin-protection, anti-fraud detection software, 3rd party network weakness testing and more.  Learn more about security >>>
  • Enable staff to work from anywhere as if they are in the office with VTSL's Soft Client Application and Mobile Twinning
  • Disaster recovery solution: With multiple T1 carriers for voice calls and VTSL's ability to switch carriers, you stay online even if one carrier goes down. But if something unpredictable happens - flooding, train strikes, widespread illness, and your team needs to work from home - they can in an instant. Calls can be diverted to mobiles and mobiles can receive and make calls from office numbers
  • VTSL's system and phones are easy to use:  We offer a range of Mitel & Polycom phones that are high tech, yet incredibly intuitive to use so staff can hit the ground running without days of training 
  • VTSL has the credentials you want from a telecoms provider: not only have we won multiple industry awards, we are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 27001 certified, an ISP, a member of ITSPA, Ofcom and RIPE
  • Our experienced Operations team will project manage everything: your set-up will be handled by us from start to finish  
  • Need to keep your phone number? No problem

  • Fair, transparent pricing: Pay per user, per month and add and remove users and features as is needed

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Commonly asked questions

Call recordings have historically been an issue for us.  With our last provider we had trouble accessing them, and even found that some older ones were missing.  How easily can we listen to our call recordings with VTSL?

Incredibly easily. You simply log in to the VTSL Portal, click "Call Recordings" and then search by user, phone number, date or time.  You can listen to the recording right then and there, or download it. Note that this is an important part of MiFID II, and not all providers provide easily accessible recordings. 

How long are call recordings stored for?

As long as you need them stored for, but to adhere to MiFID II, the minimum period is 5 years.

Will the price of call recording rise if I have to store calls for 5 years or more?  No, at VTSL we have a set price for call recordings and storage, we do not charge extra based on the amount of storage required. 

We need to be 100% sure we are compliant with GDPR, MiFID II and PCI DSS.  Is this the case if we choose VTSL?

VTSL's Call Recording is FCA compliant and our Card Easy service is compliant with PCI DSS.

What about an international presence?  Can you provide us with phone numbers for Germany and the United States for example?

Financial services firms often have clients abroad.  With VTSL, you can have a French number (for example) pointed at almost any extension within your business.  So your French clients could make a local call that rings the phone of your staff member in the UK.  See our International Numbers page for more information.

We also offer a special international pricing package that offers all-inclusive calls to a large number of countries

What about flexible working?  How do you help our consultants work professionally outside the office?

The VTSL Soft Client app allows users to use their mobile just like their office phone.  Calls can be made to and from their office number, without using mobile minutes, and the user can forward or conference calls in to colleagues in the office using the directory or the colleague's extension.  This powerful tool means that staff can work from home, or on the go, without missing important client calls.  

The VTSL Portal is where you go to manage your phone system.  Your office administrator (or whomever you choose) can change auto-attendants during holidays, add extensions for new employees, change call forwarding when needed, change user permissions and much more.  See our Web Portal page form more information.


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“VTSL's VoIP platform has been integral to the successful evolution of Beeks Financial Cloud Group Plc and is at the core of our enterprise class service to our financial sector client base.”

- Paul Donohoe, Chief Operating Officer


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