Advanced Features 


Also called IVR (Interactive Voice Response) auto-attendant is an automated answer system that provides menus to callers, allowing efficient routing of calls.  This ensures calls reach the appropriate person without using valuable resource.


A great tool for administrators that need to record calls for training, compliance or monitoring. Set up automatic recordings for one or multiple users with the click of a button, or record all inbound calls from a particular number. Recorded calls are saved in call logs and can be played back any time.  


Calls are delivered to available staff on a first-in, first-out basis.  Callers are notified of their position in the queue.  Music, information or notices can be played to them while they wait.


The ability to report on the behaviour of your users by tracking all calls on your phone system.  Search data to identify who picks up the call quickly, who is on the phone the most often and a variety of other metrics.  This data is available in easy-to-read reports and can help management increase the productivity of their teams.


The ability to use your mobile telephone as a ‘twin’ of your office desktop phone.  When your office phone rings your mobile does too.  This ensures employees are contactable on a single number, allowing them to provide better service and maintain a professional image no matter where they may be.  Incoming calls display the caller ID, even on the mobile device.


A real-time reporting tool that provides a view of the key phone-related factors affecting your business.
  • Measure Performance – Define your own performance objectives and have them monitored continuously in real-time
  • Increase Sales – Set targets for the number of calls to be made or answered in a given time and see progress in real-time
  • Improve Performance – Drive positive change by aiming to meet or exceed performance targets
  • Share – Share internal and external content on the Wallboard to keep staff involved and maintain common goals

Standard Features

Advanced Call Routing
Direct inbound calls to any extension on your network regardless of geographic dialling code, enabling centralised call handling and distribution to branch offices..
Attendant Console
Used in conjunction with the Mitel 5324 IP phone, the 5412 and 5448 IP PKM, provide Attendant Console functionality with up to 120 programmable feature keys. The Mitel 5448 IP PKM gives you the ability to set-up an attendant station to monitor multiple phones within your organisation..
Auto Line Select
With the Auto Line Select feature, you can initiate calls simply by pressing the keys on the phone keypad. A line key is automatically selected and the call proceeds in hands free, speakerphone mode. Making a call is simple – you just enter the phone number using the phone keypad. There is no need to go off-hook, select a line appearance or select the speaker key before dialling..
Box Redial
Redial allows you to view a list of the last numbers you dialed by date and time of day using the phone’s LCD display. Instantly connect with recently dialed internal and external phone numbers, and easily recall the date and time of placed calls..
Call Coverage
With Call Coverage, your employees can specify where incoming calls should be directed when they are not immediately available. Options include voice mail, Auto Attendant, a colleague, or another phone number. Call Coverage gives each employee the flexibility to define how their calls will be handled if they are not available to answer them. This ensures no call into the company is ever missed..
Call Display
With Call Display, the LCD screen of your phone will display the name and/or phone number of the person calling. Calls coming in for a specific Call Group will display the Call Group’s name. Being able to identify who is calling — a vendor, customer or a particular call to a Call Group — allows you to answer your phone in an appropriate manner for each caller..
Call Forward
Programme one or more of your phone’s memory keys to automatically forward incoming calls to other extensions, external numbers, Call Coverage or the Auto Attendant..
Call Groups - Broadcast
Broadcast Groups allow you to ring a set of phones at the same time. Broadcast Groups can be set to ring all group members’ phones whether or not they are on another line, or to only ring members’ phones that are not already on a call. Also referred to as the “Night Shift Feature” the Broadcast Group not only ensures each incoming call is answered, but that the incoming calls can be answered from multiple locations within your facility..
Call Groups - Hunt
Hunt Groups allow you to ring multiple phones in a prescribed sequence. Hunt Groups can be set to ring all group members’ phones regardless of whether they are on another line or not, or to only ring the phones of members that are not already on a call. You control who is a member of each Hunt Group, and determine how many times each phone will ring In addition to ensuring every call into your company is answered, Hunt Groups give you the capability to control the number of calls each individual is receiving so as to evenly distribute incoming calls..
Call Groups - Pickup
Pickup Groups allow any member of the group to answer a call ringing on a group member’s phone. Members of the Pickup Group receive a visual indication for incoming calls to group member phones and can answer these calls by simply pressing the group Pickup key. The Pickup Group feature ensures that every call into your company is answered by making it easy for your staff to answer calls on behalf of a co-worker who is away from their phone..
Call Groups - Rollover
Rollover Groups ring the first available (idle) phone in a group of pre-determined phones. If the call is not answered, it is directed to Call Coverage, which includes another employee, voice mail, an Auto Attendant or a unique phone number, such as a mobile phone. The Rollover Groups ensure every call into your company is answered. Caller ID Selection You can set the Caller ID that will be used for each of your employees. Options include the number specified for the employee’s site, private or any one of your phone numbers (DDIs). By controlling the number a called party will see, you can manage which numbers are likely to receive return calls. The private setting is useful if you do not want be identified when making a call..
Call Hold
Put a call on hold..
Call Permissions
Call Permissions gives you the flexibility to assign dialing privileges for different types of employees. Configure the types of calls your employees can make by time of day, without a limit to the number of profiles you are able to create. Control international or premium rate costs and manage which services employees use; a key feature when you have a diverse staff made up of full time, part time, contract and seasonal employees..
Callers List
Detailed call records can be accessed through our web portal that include details such as date, time, duration and the phone number of all calls made and received at your business. These reports help you understand how your phones are being used and can be accessed in real time..
Click to Call
When using the internal and external company directories via the web interface, your staff can select a name and VTSL will call the desired number instantly. No more out of date contact lists or searching for phone number..
Company Directory
VTSL offers both an internal and external directory. The internal directory, which can be viewed on the web interface or on the phone itself, is automatically created as new users are added to the system. The external directory, which can be viewed on the web, can be populated by the system administrator to include phone numbers frequently called by your staff. There is no need to create and maintain company contact lists, and no searching for phone numbers. Staff have quick and easy access to the key numbers they need everyday..
Extension Dialling
Extension dialling allows users to dial between phones in your company with user extensions. VTSL offers 2 to 7 digit extension dialing. Easy to remember and quick to dial, extensions provide an extra benefit if your company has multiple sites as extension-to- extension calls are considered internal calls, helping you avoid call charges..
Handsfree Answerback
Handsfree Answerback permits an extension user to respond to a voice-announced Intercom call by speaking toward the phone, without lifting the handset..
Hot Desking
With Hot Desking, individuals can log on and off of different phones while retaining their personalized settings. Hot Desking is seamless to incoming callers and ensures employees are always reachable. When using the Mitel 5320/30/40/60 IP Phone, keys are automatically labelled on the LCD screen. Hot Desking eliminates the need to have individual phones for every person in your company, helping you save money on capital purchases. Regardless of where staff are working, i.e. between multi-site locations – they can be reached by logging into the closest phone..
Incoming Call Routing
Incoming Call Routing allows you to define the destination for incoming calls to each of your company phone numbers (DDIs). You can direct calls to an Auto Attendant, Call Group, user or location based on the time of day. With Incoming Call Routing, you can ensure every call into your company is routed exactly how you want it to be, ensuring business critical phone calls are always answered..
Incoming Call Routing Emergency Override
Divert incoming calls for one or more of your phone numbers to an Auto Attendant, Call Group, user/location or external phone number while maintaining your standard routing configuration. Inbound calls can be easily and temporarily redirected to your override destination, such as a cell phone, in the event of an emergency or for special circumstances such as a holidays or corporate events..
With the Intercom feature, a user can make an announcement over the speaker of another user’s phone within your business. Additionally, intercom calls can be automatically answered with 2 way voice by configuring the Handsfree Answerback attribute. Short messages can now be communicated between your employees without the called party having to answer the phone. Additionally, configure phones with Handsfree Answerback to enable 2 way communications in areas such as a kitchen or garage where it is difficult to “answer” the phone..
Join / Leave Call Group
Users can log in and out of any Call Group they are a member of by pressing a memory key programmed with this feature. This feature gives your staff flexibility when they’re unable to take calls for a Call Group while ensuring callers are directed appropriately and in a timely fashion..
Loud Ringing Bell
A paging system can be configured to offer a loud ringing bell. This allows a ringing call to be heard in noisy or large environments..
Multiple Device Registration
Calls can be made or taken from any number of devices such as an iPhone, android phone, laptop or normal phone..
Multiple Line Appearance
Used in conjunction with the Mitel 5324 IP Phone, individual users can have up to 24 line appearances; the Mitel 5340 IP Phone allows for 16 line appearances; and the Mitel 5212 IP Phone offers the ability to have up to 12 line appearances. Multiple Line Appearances gives the flexibility you need to allow varying numbers of line appearances on different phones to suit individual employee needs. With the use of the Mitel 5340 IP Phone, the caller ID on the keys is automatically labelled for easy identification of the caller on hold..
Music / On Hold Announcement
This feature allows you to play a recording or music to callers who are waiting on hold. Make the time your callers wait on hold more enjoyable with music or a special announcement unique to your business..
Online Help Tools
VTSL comes with built-in Online Help Tools to assist you with system administration. Online Help Tools put you back in control, allowing you to administer your phone system without assistance from outside vendors..
One Touch Speed Dial
Call pre-progammed numbers with the touch of one button..
Page allows a one-way broadcast to other phones not in use at your company through the speaker of each individual phone. VTSL can also be configured to use an overhead paging system. Make company wide announcements without having to add additional hardware and incur extra costs. Paging can also use overhead paging systems that are already in place, or required for noisy or large areas..
Park / Retrieve
The Park/Retrieve feature allows incoming calls to be parked by a user at one location, and subsequently picked up by any user at a different phone anywhere in your office. Park/Retrieve is an important feature for companies whose staff are not always at their desks and for non-office environments. Used in conjunction with the Page feature, staff can be notified of an incoming call and can retrieve the call from anywhere in the office. This ensures your callers connect with staff quickly..
Phone Key Profiles
Phone Key Profiles allow you to define a common set of features for each phone in the company. You can set-up various profiles, based on phone location or job function. You then simply assign users to the profiles you’ve created. With Phone Key Profiles you can create consistent phone functionality across your company. This makes it easy for employees to pick up any phone in your business and be instantly familiar with its operation..
Programmable Keys
The programmable key feature allow you to customise the ‘programmable keys’ with different features of your phone system, or assign them a number or name. This is different from other providers using SIP-based platform where you are unable to program / access features on your phone, instead needing to log-on to the online management system..
10-Way Calls
With 10-way calling, up to ten people can share a conversation over the phone. Quickly and easily collaborate with external or internal callers without the need to use expensive third party conference bridges..
Transfer gives your staff the ability to send a call to another user or phone location. They can speak to the person they’re transferring the call to first before releasing the call, or simply transfer and hang up. Sometimes incoming callers choose the wrong extension or department, or they simply need to talk to additional staff members. With Transfer there is no need to ask them to call back or take a message – simply press the transfer key and extension or phone number they wish to be transferred to, and the caller is instantly connected..
Voicemail has a variety of capabilities including: Message Retrieval, Personal Greetings, Message Waiting Indication, Call Group Coverage, Deposit and Retrieval from Auto Attendant, Pull Back from Voicemail, Remote Access, Email Integration, Send and Forward Messages.
Web Portal
With the Web Portal you can quickly and easily, add/move/change users, apply call routing features, build Auto Attendants and set-up calling permissions and profiles. Individual users can also personalize their own phones with the features they use every day. You can self-manage the setup and maintenance of your phone service and users without any additional support costs..