Phone Systems for Schools

10 Reasons Your School Should Switch to VTSL

There are lots of reasons your school should use VTSL as its telephony provider; from our award-winning, intuitive phones, to the features that schools need to make every day tasks quicker.  

  1. Schools are often split across multiple buildings or sites. With VTSL's hosted system you can connect them all as one network

  2. Low or no installation costs is an option for schools with no budget to switch providers

  3. Schools have set budgets; with VTSL you pay a set amount every month - no surprises

  4. Auto-attendant feature allows schools to set up an absentee voicemail box, that parents can access by just pressing a button when they call, saving time for busy receptionists in the morning

  5. The absentee voicemails can be sent to email so that no one has to dial in and check them

  6. Call recording feature allows calls to be recorded and easily downloaded 

  7. VTSL's cloud-based system allows schools in Trusts to have more inter-site functionality, like extension-only dialing

  8. With VTSL, you can utilise and maximise the investment already made in your robust internet connections; no need to spend more on connectivity 

  9. VTSL's low cost allows smaller schools to have full-featured phone system functionality. Many schools we meet have single analogue lines due to costs

  10. Our online web portal allows administrators to easily change out-of-hours and holiday messaging, amongst other things, with the click of a mouse


What our customers say

“I thoroughly recommend this company as they deliver all that they promise! Starting up a new organisation is fraught with anxiety, especially in terms of IT installation and configuration and Steve and the team were always there to help us to find a solution to whatever problem arose. Once installed the system worked and if we ever had a question an answer was just a phone call away. An all-round excellent service.”
Jane Bailey, Principal, 2nd Chance College
“First impressions after a month of our new phone set-up are it is superb.  Everything is working well, there is good call quality and it has been very easy to implement.  The best part however is that our German team are on the same internal extensions, which keeps them as part of the company as supposed to a satellite office.”
Steve Garner, Venquis
“We had been with BT, and most recently Vodafone, both of which failed to deliver some of the basic functionality promised. We broke our contract to switch to VTSL and couldn't be happier we did.  Everything is as promised and they are incredibly nice to work with.”
John Reay, Oliver Parks




What makes VTSL different?

  • Over 9 years of experience working with school and the education sector
  • Easy to use system, with intuitive phones and web management portal 
  • Features schools specifically need including auto-attendants, voicemail to email, absentee voicemail boxes, call recording and on-network transfer across multiple sites
  • Save money with all-inclusive per user packages  
  • Guaranteed call quality 
  • Free in-person training and 24 / 7 technical support
  • Flexible terms and contracts, unlike other providers