Why TRust VTSL

Business communications are too important to entrust to a company that doesn't have your best interests at heart.  At VTSL, we work hard to earn your trust from day one and build a relationship with your company over the long term. Our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of communications innovations and provide a standard of service that you notice, and better yet - recommend.  


Data Centre Security 

Our data centres have amongst the highest levels of security in the industry. They have a permanent manned security presence and use multi-layered physical security including a secure perimeter, biometrics and video surveillance. Entry to each facility is tightly controlled – with strict procedures in place to monitor and control visitor access both into and within the data centre. Access to the buildings, data floors and individual areas is via individually programmed access cards – using both biometrics and visual identification – ensuring secure, single-person entry. 


VTSL is regulated by Ofcom and adheres to the regulations and standards put forth by ITSPA (Internet Telephony Service Provider's Association). 

VTSL is also a member of RIPE, LINX and the FSB.

We are ISO 9001 accredited, ensuring that our quality of service is held to the highest standards.

VTSL has been operating since 2006 and is a stable, profitable and growing business. 


Most telecoms providers require a 5 year contract, or 1 year at a minimum.  That is a long time to commit to a business-critical service that you haven't experienced the quality of yet.  

We don't believe in long contracts. If our service isn't everything we say it is, you can go to another telephony provider without penalty. Plus you can up or downgrade your number of users, features and connectivty as needed. Even our mobile contracts are 1 month rolling, so you can add and remove SIMS as you wish without having to pay for the entire year. 


VTSL has anti-fraud detection software that alerts our support team against abnormal calling patterns. If we receive an alert, our helpdesk will immediately contact you to determine if this is a valid call. To protect against web portal hacking, we have a lockout policy that will block access to the portal completely if a pin is incorrectly entered three times. After this has happened the pin can only be reset by one of VTSL’s support team. 

Additionally, we require a 4 digit secure pin to log in to any phone, or retreive voicemails. 


We don't think you should have to place a special request, or call our support team every time you need a small change to your system. That is why we have designed our web portal to be intuitive and easy for customers to use to make their own changes. Administrators have the ability to change call groups, set up advanced call routing, update group voicemails, change holiday messaging, download bills, enter black-listed numbers and more. They can also see and download call data, listen to call recordings and see live call statistics.