VTSL Analytics provide management with key performance metrics of their staff: how many calls are made & missed, how long the average call is for each user and more. See statistics in real time and compare each employee's performance. 


With VTSL, users can make and receive calls on their personal mobile, as if it was their office phone, without using any minutes.  They can also 'twin' their mobile so that it rings simultaneously to their office phone.  Staff are able to provide a professional service to clients and candidates from anywhere.


Recruitment firms often have new staff that need training.  What better way to learn than to eavesdrop on an experienced consultant's calls for a few days?  Alternatively they can listen to calls that have been recorded using VTSL's call recording feature.


Whether it is Bullhorn or Salesforce, VTSL will ensure your phone and CRM systems are integrated.  Watch your team benefit from automatic logging of calls, record screen-pop for inbound calls, click-to-dial and more. This is smarter working at its best. 


Would you like to pursue clients and candidates abroad, but need a phone number in that country?  No problem. VTSL offers international numbers


While you are building your presence abroad, save money with our international minutes packages that include a large number of international destinations.  

International numbers give you a presence abroad

Integrates with recruitment CRM software

New staff can listen in on calls for training

Make calls on your mobile from your office number

Benefit from real-time analytics & call monitoring

Get a competitive advantage with the award-winning telephony service that helps recruitment firms work smarter, faster and build stronger relationships

Whether it is with client or a candidate, there is only one way to build a strong relationship:  pick up the phone and call them.  Email, chat and text may be efficient, but they don't work when you are trying to build rapport, gain trust or truly understand someone's objectives.  However ensuring recruitment teams use phone systems to work smarter is often difficult.  There are days when everyone seems unmotivated to reach out to new candidates, and other days when even the most tech-savvy employee forgets how to transfer a call.

Luckily with VTSL, we have solutions for the issues recruitment firms face.  You can keep staff motivated with real-time stats showing who has made the most calls.  No one forgets how to transfer a call because the system is so intuitive.  And features such as call monitoring, call recording, mobile twinning and auto-attendants ensure the entire organisation is working efficiently and professionally. 

“Technology works well, and customer service excellent. Don’t envisage a return to conventional telephony any time soon.”
Searchlight Recruitment Ltd

“First impressions after a month of our new phone set-up are it is superb.  Everything is working well, there is good call quality and it has been very easy to implement.  The best part however is that our German team are on the same internal extensions, which keeps them as part of the company as supposed to a satellite office.”
Steve Garner, Venquis

"Switching to VTSL has been more beneficial than I ever could have imagined.  We now have a presence in 5 countries thanks to our international numbers, without having to actually set up offices abroad.  We have also transformed our onboarding process through the call monitor and call recording features.  
James, MD at Oliver Parks



Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we switch to VTSL?

VTSL is a completely customer-focused company that understands the needs of recruitment firms. With 24/7 technical support, free training, free requests & changes, and in-house programmers who will develop a feature you need if we don't already have it, VTSL is a unique telecoms service provider.

Plus switching to VTSL is made as simple as possible by our experienced operations team who walk you through it step by step. From porting your phone numbers over to ensuring you have the right connectivity, we will go the extra mile to ensure everything is set up just as you want it.

What else?

  • No need for lots of staff training with our easy-to-use phones and an online portal
  • Affordable, fair pricing (provided on a per-user, per month basis)
  • CRM system integration means less time is spent record keeping, and more time is spent talking to clients and candidates

What about an international presence?  Can you provide us with phone numbers for Germany and the United States for example?

Recruitment firms often have clients and candidates abroad.  With VTSL, you can have a French number (for example) pointed at almost any extension within your business.  So your French clients and candidates could make a local call that rings the phone of your staff member in the UK.  See our International Numbers page for more information.

We also offer a special international pricing package that offers all-inclusive calls to a large number of countries

What about flexible working?  How do you help our consultants work professionally outside the office?

The VTSL Soft Client app allows users to use their mobile just like their office phone.  Calls can be made to and from their office number, without using mobile minutes, and the user can forward or conference calls in to colleagues in the office using the directory or the colleague's extension.  This powerful tool means that staff can work from home, or on the go, without missing important client and candidate calls.  No more phone-tag!  Learn more here. 

What is the VTSL Portal?

The VTSL Portal is where you go to manage your phone system.  Your office administrator (or whomever you choose) can change auto-attendants during holidays, add extensions for new employees, change call forwarding when needed, change user permissions and much more.  See our Web Portal page form more information.


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