WOrk Anywhere


Make & Receive Calls From Your Mobile, Tablet or Computer Using our V-CX App

With VTSL's V-CX applications for mobiles, tablets and computers, you can use any device just like your office phone. Make and receive calls with your office number, hold conference calls just like you would in the office and talk without using any mobile minutes. For executives or employees on the go, VTSL's mobile solutions are an easy and cost effective way to stay connected - anywhere.

Features & Benefits

  • Make and receive work calls on your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  •  Talk without using any mobile minutes
  • Save with VTSL's international call tariffs, instead of more expensive mobile rates
  • Use your device's existing contact lists
  • Transfer calls to colleagues
  • Hold conference calls just like you would at your desk
  • Desk phone is unaffected by the app, it keeps working as normal
  • Other applications can be accessed while on a call for multitasking 


Mobile Twinning - Your Desk and Mobile Ring Simultaneously 

Mobile twinning is the ability to use your mobile telephone as a ‘twin’ of your office desktop phone.  When your office phone rings your mobile does too.  This ensures employees are contactable on a single number, allowing them to provide better service and maintain a professional image no matter where they may be.  Incoming calls display the caller ID, even on the mobile device.  Mobile twinning does not affect your mobile number or mobile service - your mobile works just as it normally does.