VTSL’s award-winning cloud based telephony service offers a range of flexible working solutions. The various options suit a range of different working environments and can be mixed and matched to ensure that any business continuity plan replicates the normal day to day working practices of the organisation. 

Option 1: VTSL's V-CX App: Turn any device into your office phone

Good for: Businesses that want to enable seamless working from home / medium sized businesses
Pricing: Depends on number of users
Terms: 1 month
Implementation: Sign order form, download app, receive email from VTSL with password and instructions 

V-CX is an app that you download to your mobile device or laptop, that acts as a replacement for your work desk phone. It allows you to make and receive calls to and from your work number, which allows you to use your  mobile like your office phone, with your office number. The application can be used on either desktop / laptop, tablet or mobile. V-CX relies on a WiFi or data connection, thus employees don’t have to use their own mobile minute plan to make calls.

Features & Benefits

  • Make and receive work calls on your smartphone, tablet or laptop (using your work number)
  •  Talk without using any mobile minutes
  • Call Monitor & Call Recording still work even for calls taken on the app
  • Use your device's existing contact lists
  • You can switch it off by logging out of the app
  • Transfer calls to colleagues
  • Hold conference calls just like you would at your desk
  • Desk phone is unaffected by the app, it keeps working as normal
  • Other applications can be accessed while on a call for multitasking 

Note: A good WiFi or data connection is necessary for the V-CX app to work well. 

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Option 2: Mobile Twinning - Your Desk and Mobile Ring Simultaneously 

Good for: Smaller businesses 
Pricing: Included in most bundles, otherwise it is £1 / user pcm
Terms: Cancel anytime
Implementation: Activated in the VTSL Portal, simply by ticking a box

Mobile twinning is the ability to use your mobile telephone as a ‘twin’ of your office desktop phone.  When your office phone rings your mobile does too.  This ensures employees are contactable on a single number, allowing them to provide better service and maintain a professional image no matter where they may be.  Incoming calls display the caller ID, even on the mobile device.  Mobile twinning does not affect your mobile number or mobile service - your mobile works just as it normally does.  Outbound calls are made as normal from the twinned number.  Mobile minutes are used if the twinned device is a mobile. 

What it can do

  • Twin your alternative device with your office phone
  • Work with your existing Call Coverage set-up, meaning you can keep your Auto Attendants in place 
  • Group Twinning - mobile twinning works for call groups, so you can continue to work in teams and departments even from home 
  • Can be turned on and off at the click of a button, and set up easily
  • Any twinned call answered on a mobile will show up in call reports. Ensuring managers have an accurate picture of what is happening outside the office
  • Twinned calls received are still recorded if you have call recording in place
  • Control number of calls delivered to twinned device

What it can't do

  • Transfer calls between users 
  • Make outbound calls off your work number, any outbound calls made would be from the alternative number 
  • Work with a receptionist / PA business set-up 
  • Outbound calls are not call recorded
  • Call monitoring does not work on a call to a twinned device

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Option 3: Teleworker Subscription - Complete office set-up, at home

Good for: For businesses with a central receptionist / larger businesses / businesses who don't want to rely on personal mobiles
Pricing: You may need to buy the power connection a user will need to plug their office phone in at home (£25)
Terms: Included for all customers
Implementation: Contact VTSL Support about enabling Teleworker and ordering the at-home power supply. Power supplies can be shipped to any address, and VTSL can speak to users directly about home set-up

Teleworker allows you to install your office desk phone at your remote location (i.e. home). With a teleworker you can have an identical set up at home as you would in the office. 

What is needed?

1. A phone: this can either be your current office phone or you can purchase additional phones
2. For most customers, your office phone is powered from the PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch in your office. So to power your phone at home, you will need a local power supply which can be provided by VTSL 
3. You will also need to connect your phone to your router 
4. Once your set-up is in place you simply need to activate your teleworker subscription by contacting VTSL Support, and set it to a dynamic site which can be done in the VTSL Portal

*For users with the Mitel 6900 series handsets, there is a wireless option.*

Why use a Teleworker subscription?

A Teleworker subscription is the complete mirror of your office set-up, at your home or a remote site of your choosing. It also doesn’t require any additional monthly fees, as you can just take your existing desk phone home and apply the set-up. 

  • Fully mirror your work set-up
  • Receive and make calls off your work number
  • Remain in your call groups and utilise your withstanding call coverage 
  • Ideal for companies with receptionist type operations 

Companies with receptionists 

Whilst all three services can be utilised to support your businesses continuity plan, Teleworker is the only viable option for supporting your business should you use a receptionist in your day to day operations. The phones will still work the same as in the office therefore if you had a receptionist or PA that would normally take any incoming calls, the teleworker subscription wouldn’t affect your already existing format, and the receptionist would work exactly as normal.


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