Some industries require you to record calls.  For example financial firms must record all calls that include any advice relating to a trade. VTSL's call recording satisfies the legal requirements with easily accessible recordings that can be stored as long as is needed.


The best way to ensure your customers are receiving the best support possible is to listen to calls.  With call recording, you can listen to calls for a particular rep before their annual review, or anytime you think standards might be slipping.


Taking notes while on  call often helps keep track of details, but doing so can prevent you from actively listening. With call recording, you can give your full attention to the call and take notes later when replaying it. 


It is often difficult to capture customer feedback - for better or worse.  Yet customers are the best source of ideas for improvement.  Call recording provides a first-hand source for ways to improve products and services.

Gain insight into staff performance

Train using real conversations

Quickly bring an agent up to speed 

Meet regulatory requirements

Settle disputes with accurate records


Businesses are always looking for ways to better understand the needs of their customers. They review analytics and compare results to spot performance gaps, do surveys and scrutinise monthly KPIs, while some of the best indicators of customer needs and satisfaction are found simply by listening to calls.   

With call recording, you can easily determine the strengths and weaknesses in the customer process by listening to calls.  Recording customer calls also helps you to gain helpful insights about your product, measure the effectiveness of support agents, train employees and improve your sales strategy.

How does it work?

Call recording is a cloud-based application, activated remotely.  Once ordered, VTSL will contact you to determine which extensions you would like recorded and which users will have permission to listen to recordings. 

Who can listen to recordings?

Only those users specified to VTSL.

How long are recordings stored for?

You can choose to have recordings stored for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, and unlike other providers, VTSL provides a flat-rate fee for each option.  

Is there any indicator to the caller or employee that the call is being recorded?

The caller and employee must be informed that their call is being recorded.  For the caller, this can be done by an auto-attendant or by the agent. 

How do you find and listen to recordings?

Recordings are easily accessed in the VTSL Portal.  Simply click on the Call Recording icon, choose the parameters of the calls you which to listen to (date, time, extension, inbound call, outbound call, etc), and then click 'View Report'.  You will then see a list of all the calls that meet those requirements. To listen to a call you simply press the 'play' icon, or download it. 

Does VTSL's call recording application satisfy the regulatory requirements of MiFID II for financial firms?

Yes, per the regulation, VTSL's call recording allows for 5 year archives, stores recordings in a durable medium, ensures they are readily accessible, and can record calls on mobiles or those working from home.


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