VTSL's mobile twinning allows you to receive business calls anywhere, in real time.  Your mobile will ring exactly when your office phone rings, acting as a 'twin'.  This allows you to appear as if you are in the office.


Mobile Twinning is a programmable key function, which means you will have a programmed button on your phone that allows you to easily turn mobile twinning on or off when it suits you.


Managers have full visibility of their teams calls, even those answered via mobile twinning.  Any twinned call answered on a mobile will show up in Call Reports.  This ensures that managers have an accurate picture of what is happening outside the office.


If you are a member of a call group (sales, support, accounting, etc), you can enable twinning so that incoming calls to the group ring your mobile.  This is particularly handy if your support or sales desk is short-staffed, or if you have staff work from home.

Never miss a call 

Work from anywhere

Twin mobile or another number

Group Twinning option

Receive a twinned call when on a call


Telephone tag is a thing of the past with VTSL's Mobile Twinning feature. Simply press a button on your office phone when you leave your desk to enable mobile twinning, and receive all your work calls on your mobile, or any other twinned number of your choosing.  The feature also works for employees that are members of a call group, such as a support desk, or sales team.  Calls to the group will ring the user who has enabled the Group Twinning button on their phone.

With increasing numbers of employees working at home, mobile twinning is an ideal way to ensure they remain productive and professional.

How does it work?

To set-up mobile twinning, you will need to programme a key on your desktop phone that will allow you to turn it on or off.  This is done in the VTSL Portal.  Please see our Mobile Twinning Quick Reference Guide for instructions on how to do this. Once set up as a key on your desktop phone, simply press the key to turn on mobile twinning, and press it again to turn it off.  Note the LED light next to the button will be lit when the feature is on. 

What does it do?

Mobile twinning makes your mobile, or other number of your choice, a twin of your desktop phone so that any incoming call to your desktop phone also rings your mobile simultaneously.

What happens if I don't answer the call on my mobile?

If you don't pick up a twinned call, your normal call coverage (i.e. voicemail, call forwarding, receptionist) will handle the call.  So if your call coverage is set to go to voicemail after 6 rings when no one picks up, this will still happen even when mobile twinning is enabled.

If I answer a twinned call on my mobile, can my colleagues see that I'm on an office call through line appearances?

Yes, your DDI line appearance will be lit, showing it is engaged even if you answer the call on your mobile. This will enable a receptionist to see that you are on the phone and not transfer a call to you, as they can see that you are already speaking to someone. 

What if I answer a call on my mobile just as I get back to my desk, and I want to switch the call over to my desk phone? 

To pull back a call to your desk phone, simply press the corresponding Line Appearance key on your desk phone. The call will be disconnected from the twinning target phone and you will be connected on your desk phone.

 What does Group Twinning allow me to do?

Group Twinning will allow your mobile to be twinned to a Call Group that you are a part of.  So for example, if your organisation has set up a call group for sales, of which you are a part, and most of the team is out to lunch, you can enable Group Twinning in the same way that you would turn on normal Mobile Twinning via a button on your desk top phone. This would mean your mobile would ring when the call group is called. 

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