Research shows that resolving issues quickly is the number one way to provide great customer service.  With Call Monitor, managers can help their sales and customer service teams solve problems on the spot by whispering tips and information to them.


With a feature like Call Monitor, long classroom training sessions can be replaced with mentoring on calls with actual customers.  Managers are able to provide tips and direction without the caller ever knowing, and reps are able to implement advice on the spot.


With Call Monitor, managers are able to really understand the strengths and weaknesses of each support agent or sales rep.  Knowing this enables them to provide better professional development, support and guidance.


Call Monitor can be used on your mobile phone - from anywhere.  Managers can monitor their team from home, a train or even the beach without them noticing. Or they can jump in and help keep the call on track.

Provide discrete guidance

Real-time training

Use on your mobile 

Capitalise on existing technology

Easy to set-up and use


There is no better way to learn than from experience.  So why not use real calls to help teach your sales and customer service teams provide a better service?  With Call Monitor, you can whisper to your rep while they are on a call, so that only they can hear what you are saying.  Or you can enter the call and speak to the customer directly. Here are a few commonly asked questions.

How does it work?

Managers can listen in without either party knowing they are there, by dialling the extension, prefixed by 9*.  This allows them to gain first-hand knowledge of how sales and support teams relate to customers, leads and clients - providing a valuable resource for evaluation and training. By pressing "2", they can whisper directly to the representative. The customer doesn’t hear anything, only the employee can hear tips, suggestions,  or references to information on products.  And by pressing "3", they can enter the call so both parties can hear.

Which phones can I use?

You can use any of your VTSL phones, including mobiles, tablets or desktop apps.

Do I need to be an Administrator to use Call Monitor?

No, any user that has been given permission can use the feature.  However, an Administrator must give permission to users.

Does Call Recording work with Call Monitor?

Yes, if you subscribe to VTSL's Call Recording feature, it will continue to record calls while Call Monitor is activated. 

Can more than one manager monitor a call simultaneously?

Only one person can listen, whisper or barge into a call.

How are permissions managed?

An Administrator can activate the feature for an entire site, or on a user by user basis.

Does the feature indicate to those on the call that someone is listening?

No.  Managers can listen to calls without their reps knowing they are on the call. 

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