Phone Systems for Businesses

Affordable, professional, reliable business phone systems designed for businesses - large or small

Even very small businesses can have a professional phone system with VTSL's small business telephony solution. And large businesses benefit from having an advanced telephony system delivered as a service - one that an administrative assistant can manage rather than an IT person.  No matter what size your business, costs are reduced, efficiency improved and a more professional image maintained. 

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Why choose VTSL instead of another provider?

Genuinely helpful 
Need a router?  Do you have the right internet?  We will help you figure that out.

10 Employees or 300
Whatever the size of your organisation, we have a hosted VoIP solution for you.

We are as fast as any other provider out there - and usually much faster.

All Inclusive
You don't need 'extras' that cost more.

Keep Your Phone Number
No need to change your number, we will port it over for you.

Online Portal
Free and easy to use web portal allows you to control your system.

One month contract minimum.  Add or remove users anytime you like.