SolUtions for Serviced Offices & Flexible Work Spaces

Connectivity is now more important to office workers than good transport links.

A significant majority (87%) of office workers consider the connectivity of their workplace to be crucially important. For the first time, a well-connected office with high broadband speeds ranked in the top three single most important factors when renting office space, alongside location and actual rental cost, relegating good transport links to fourth in the list.

Whether you are a landlord with a new building, or an operator of a flexible working space, the single most important element of your offering is connectivity.  Without it, working is impossible, no matter how fantastic your location or wonderful your space.

VTSL offers several different options for building connectivity, plus add-ons that allow you to offer profitable additional services to your tenants.

  • Premium ultra--fast high speed connections with back-up lines for resiliency
  • Managed networks in which VTSL handles all client bandwidth allocation, billing, customer support, requests, etc.
  • Engineers available 24 / 7 in case something goes wrong
  • Incredibly competitive pricing designed to help you make a profit
  • Free installation in most cases
  • Additional services such as telephony, WiFi and more...

Depending on your needs, VTSL will do as little, or as much as you require.  If you simply need ultra high-speed internet connectivity with first-rate support, we can do that.  Or if you need a fully managed service in which we manage your customers needs we can do that too.  Lastly if you want to resell our services and make a profit, we will set that up for you.

Our Products



This product is for landlords who simply need a reliable high-speed internet connection installed.  Tenants are responsible for installing their own connectivity from that line. Why choose VTSL? We ensure installation quicker or as quick as any other provider and we have the best SLAs on the market.

  • Installation of ultra high-speed internet connection to your building
  • Multi-Gigabit 
  • Up or down grade with 1 month's notice 




The ultimate no-hassle solution for operators who want to increase the attractiveness of their offering, without added work.  With Managed Office®, VTSL manages all connections, WiFi networks, telephony servcies, and other communications add-ons such as conference bridges, international numbers, soft clients and more. 

  • VTSL communicates directly with tenants to ensure all services are set-up exactly as needed
  • Clients contact VTSL directly with additional requests, support needs, and technical help
  • Operators benefit from having leading technology services without any additional work




VTSL installs a ultra high-speed internet connectivity  line and provides all services via the operator.  The operator can white-label services if they wish, acting as a one-stop shop for everything the tenants need.  Invoices are sent from the operator to the tenants.

  • VTSL sets up all services so that they are marketed, managed and invoiced by the operator
  • Allows operators to increase revenue risk-free
  • Saves tenants time shopping around for services  such as phone, CRM integration & conferencing
  • Operators have control of pricing and terms


VTSL Servcied Office Flexile Workspace Telecoms and Connectivity

VTSL has been partnering with business centres, serviced offices and flexible work spaces since 2007, and offers a range of managed connectivity options designed for the unique needs of multi-tenant premises.  Our user-friendly cloud-based software allows operators and office managers to take control of services such as telephony, and our network infrastructure is built to ensure your tenants stay connected. With VTSL you will enjoy the personal support that only a smaller service provider can offer, but network resilience and technology on par with the world's leading telcos. 

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Flexible & scalable 

“The VTSL system is flexible, scalable and not overly complicated. Billing clients is easy, adding new tenants is easy, and customer support is great. Plus it offers a lot of features that our clients find beneficial.”
- Dan Wheble, CEO, The  Boutique Workplace Co

Award-Winning Technology

VTSL's network is second to none. Our proprietary software allows tenants and operators to control communications systems through the VTSL Portal. Add phone extensions, features and more with the click of a button. Enjoy free on-site training and intuitive desk phones, from the UK's leading provider of business VoIP.


Don't Worry, You aren't liable

The more services you offer, the more liable you are if something goes wrong. With VTSL, you aren't liable - we are. VTSL's fibre connections, VoIP telephony services or clever business add-ons, are all completely supported, maintained and serviced by us.

True Partnership 

“When we first set up, we used another provider and it was a complete disaster. The reason why I now use VTSL for all my centres is because they deliver exactly what I need, reliably, as partners.  They also increase my revenue with services I would never have otherwise thought to offer."
- Richard Douglas, Chadwick Business Centres 


You can't afford not to offer ultra high-speed internet connectivity to tenants

There are lots of options for serviced offices and co-working spaces. And the ones that don't already have fibre installed can't compete with those that do.  Why?  Tenants can't wait to have high-speed connectivity.  It is a must-have from day one, and fibre leased lines can take 35 days or more sometimes to install.

Add-on services such as award-winning VoIP telephony, the VTSL web portal, fully managed WiFi networks and unified communications options mean that you aren't just offering connectivity, you are offering tools to get ahead.

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