Business Centre Telephony SOlutions

Zero commitment. Zero upfront cost. Zero risk.

VTSL enables business centres to maximise their telecoms profitability, and relax with an experienced provider that makes day-to-day life easier. Our full-service offering, clever commercial model and pioneering technology make us a clear choice for any centre wishing to get ahead.

VTSL has been providing business centres with IT and telco solutions since 2007. Our state-of-the art telephony solution offers the capabilities tenants need, at a price they can afford.

With no risk, no upfront cost and a system designed to make IT & Telco management easy, VTSL is a smart choice for business centres in the UK and Ireland.  



“The VTSL system is flexible, scalable and not overly complicated. Billing clients is easy, adding new tenants is easy, and customer support is great. Plus it offers a lot of features that our clients find beneficial.”
- Dan Wheble, COO, Ventia

Generate More Revenue

Low Operating Costs
VTSL has invested in a multi-tenanted VoIP platform that is designed specifically for environments like yours – meaning our operating costs are low and we can pass that savings on to you

Better Adoption
Part of maximising your revenue from IT and telecoms is getting tenants to buy those services from you. We make sure that you are able to provide these services at a rate where it is not cheaper for tenants to buy them elsewhere

Earn £ from Ex-Tenants
With tenants able to continue using the service from anywhere, you can keep earning IT & telecoms revenue long after they leave

Up-sell Opportunities 
Benefit from up-sell opportunities from advanced features such as call recording, home working and mobile twinning

Make Life Easier

Intuitive Technology
Staff can make system changes through our user-friendly web-portal, a purpose-built platform designed to make day-to-day changes effortless

Managed Service 
We manage the whole service for you, from Wi-fi set-up to network switches, so you and your team are free to do what they do best

Streamlined Billing
Bills arrive on the first of the month – every month – for smooth onward billing

Industry Leading Support
VTSL’s SLA times are amongst the fastest in the industry and our technical support is available 24 / 7. Our help desk is happy to assist with any question or request, no matter how small