VTSL's sophisticated voicemail system allows you to automatically send copies of the voicemail as an email attachment to an email address of your choice.  This option is easily activated by ticking a box in the VTSL Portal. 


This option allows callers to press '0' to be sent to a co-worker, call group or auto-attendant, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of return calls staff need to make. It also helps to answer caller queries faster.


Whether you are in or out of the office, you will be alerted to new voicemails.  Email notifications tell you there is a new voicemail when out of the office, and the message waiting light on your  phone will let you know when you are in the office. 


The VTSL Portal is your one-stop control centre for all your business phone's functionality, voicemail included.  Easily set the number of rings before voicemail answers, your time zone and your voicemail pin.

Group voicemail option 

Email notifications

Dial '0' option for callers

Voicemail to email 

Manage in VTSL Portal


Most of us dread seeing the blinking light on our phone when we return to our desks.  It is sure to mean more work, more problems, more things to do.  Luckily with VTSL's advanced voicemail system, there is less surprise and more flexibility.  Staff find that voicemail is not something they try to avoid, but instead, a useful business tool. 

How does it work?

Administrators enable voicemail for users in the VTSL Portal.  Once enabled for a user, the user can then press the voicemail button on their phone to set up their greeting.  The user or the Administrator determines settings such as number of rings before answered, time zone, email notifications, voicemail to email, dial '0' option and pin reset in the VTSL Portal.

When callers leave a message, the message waiting light will be lit on the users phone, and an email notification will be sent if this feature has been activated. Users can press the voicemail button on their phone to retrieve the message, or if they aren't in the office, they can dial their own number and press * when voicemail picks up. They will then be asked for their pin before gaining access to the message.

What helpful features does VTSL's voicemail offer?

VTSL's voicemail has an option for voicemail to email.  When activated, this option sends a copy of the the voicemail as an attachment to an email address of the user's choice. 

VTSL's voicemail has a Dial '0' Option which allows callers to dial '0' when they have reached a voicemail box in order to be transferred to another staff member, a co-worker, call group or auto-attendant. The user would  need to tell callers about this option in their greeting, for example "Please leave a message at the tone, or press zero to be transferred to the Accounts team."

Email notifications are also helpful in that you are alerted to new messages when you are out and about, so you aren't surprised to find 10 new voicemails when you come back to the office.  Better yet, VTSL's mobile twinning feature will allow you to answer your office calls on your mobile in the first place - removing the need for callers to leave a message. 

How do I change settings?

Simply go to 'My Voice Mail' in the Administrative Portal, and 'My Call Handling'.  See our Voicemail Quick Reference Guide on the Resources page of our website for precise instructions.  

How do I set-up my greeting?

Press the voicemail button on your desktop phone.  You will be guided through voicemail set up.

Do all users have to have voicemail, or can voicemail be enabled for some users only?

You can have voicemail for as many or as few users as you like, including call groups. 



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